Hey it’s Rick, Lean on Z presents ‘Feel Good Fridays’. Good news is good for your mental health, so here’s a story to help you feel good going into the weekend.

This week’s story comes from conneaut valley elementary school in pennsylvania, where veteran teacher Barb Heim has gone above and beyond to help a special student in a fight for his life. Near the end of 2019, second-grader Harrison Conner was diagnosed with leukemia, and had to begin remote learning while undergoing treatment. Nonetheless, Heim would make sure Harrison was getting his lessons and would zoom from inside the classroom so his friends could say hi. But then, the pandemic arrived and everyone had to stay home, further isolating Harrison from his classmates and lessons. Heim took it upon herself to make sure Harrison stayed included and didn’t fall behind, so she brought the classroom to him! Every day after school, Heim drives over to Harrison’s house and safely delivers the day’s lesson wearing masks and through a plexiglass screen. “she has been absolutely amazing,” says Harrison’s mom, Suzanne. “she has kept Harrison such a part of the kids’ lives in school, and making sure that he feels remembered.” the good news is, Harrison’s disease is now in remission, with another year and a half of treatment to go. And Heim continues to go the extra mile for her students. Thanks for being an inspiration Mrs. Heim, and all the best to you Harrison from all of us.

— Rick Morton