Today’s story comes from Atlanta Georgia, where Tonee Carter, a beloved piano player at the airport, was gifted over 60 thousand dollars in tips after a chance occurrence by an Instagram influencer who shared his music. Carlos Whittaker, a motivational speaker, was listening to Tonee play in the concourse when the two struck a conversation and Whittaker learned that carter had played piano there for over seven years, but lately was having trouble due to health issues.  Whittaker shared carter’s music to his 200 thousand Instagram followers and asked them to send a tip to the deserving man.  In real-time, donations started pouring in, growing to over 60 thousand dollars by the end of the day.  Whittaker surprised the musician live on social media with the news.  Carter, unaware of what was happening, was stunned by the generosity shown by thousands of total strangers. What an incredible story, play that song again piano man!

— Rick Morton