This week’s story comes from Edgewood, Kentucky. Back in 2018, Walker Smallwood, a promising left-handed pitcher for his high school baseball team, with dreams of playing in the pros, received the devestating diagnosis of a rare bone cancer in his leg. Not only would he have to give up baseball, fighting the cancer required six surgeries, six chemotherapy cycles, and dozens of hospital visits. Fortunately the treatments worked and today, walker is now in remission. However his leg is still too weak to get back on the mount and pitch. Or, so everyone thought. Walker’s parents and coach decided to let him start one more game for old time’s sake. Walker ended up throwing a no-hitter, striking out all but two batters, and tied a schoool record. Walker’s leg is too weak and the risk of injury is too great to keep playing, but he can always look back at that perfect game and cherish that special moment.

— Rick Morton