Hey it’s Rick, Lean on Z presents ‘Feel Good Fridays’. Good news is good for your mental health, so here’s a story to help you feel good going into the weekend.

This week’s story comes from Alberta, Canada, in the town of Red Deer, where a photo of an elderly husband getting a hair lesson at a beauty school went viral. The husband, who preferred to not give his name, showed up unannounced to the Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics, asking for upcoming lessons. He wanted to learn how to curl hair and apply mascara to help his aging wife, who is unable to do it herself anymore. Her vision was struggling and she was accidently burning herself trying to curl her own hair, so he really wanted to help. The cosmetology school gave him a free lesson right then and there. School director Carrie Hannah said, “he genuinely cared. He knows his wife always cared about her appearance, and he wanted to help her.” a Facebook post showing him learning has been shared over 100,000 times, giving us a smile and a reminder of true love between a husband and wife. Hannah says that was the best day as an instructor she has had in over 31 years in the industry. “he warmed everyone’s hearts. We really needed some cheering up, and he sure did it.

— Rick Morton