Hey, it’s Rick, Lean on z presents ‘Feel good Fridays. Good news is good for your mental health, so here’s a story to help you feel good going into the weekend!

This week’s story comes from Cavendish, Vermont, where Jim Hasson, a veteran who served during world war two and Vietnam, was worried about his upcoming 95th birthday. Because Jim’s birthday is in March, when the pandemic shutdown struck last year, his 94th birthday was quiet and lonely, leaving Jim feeling pretty blue. As March of this year came around, and the country still dealing with the pandemic and social distancing, it seemed his 95th birthday was going to be just as lonely as the last one. Jim’s friends and family, however, remembered the sadness Jim felt last year, so for his 95th birthday, they surprised Jim with a main street parade in his honor! More than 50 passenger cars, fire trucks, and police cars cruised by Jim, and wished him a happy 95th birthday, along with hundreds of birthday cards also sent to him. Now, with his second covid-vaccine shot done, and a birthday party like no other, Jim is all smiling toward the future. “if I had known 95 was gonna be so much fun, I would have done it years ago,” he said. Great attitude Jim, thank you for your service, and from all of us here at Z90: Happy 95th Birthday!

— Rick Morton

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