Hey, it’s Rick, Lean on Z presents ‘Feel Good Fridays. Good news is good for your mental health, so here’s a story to help you feel good going into the weekend!

This week’s story comes from Newark, New Jersey, where 14-year-old Darius Brown has made it his mission to help as many dogs and cats as he can, so Darius helps animals get adopted by making bow ties for them. It started back in 2017 after hurricane Irma struck Florida and Puerto Rico, Darius was alarmed by how many dogs and cats from those areas had been transported to shelters close to his home. And when he found out that animals that stay in shelters for too long are eventually euthanized, he knew he had to do something to help them get adopted. Darius said, “I just thought, that if people look good in bow ties. Why not dogs and cats?” he started making bow ties and donating them to animal shelters, as well as selling to the public. He also made bow ties for the pets of famous people including president Joe Biden, whose dog ‘major’ wore one of Darius’s bow ties during the inauguration. Darius estimates he has made around 1,000 bow ties for animals and hopes to help many more. What a kind and heartwarming young man… On behalf of all the cats and dogs you have saved, a big thank you to Darius!

— Rick Morton

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